Happy 5th Birthday, Molly!

Our big dog Molly turns 5 years old today. She is the best girl in the whole wide world, and she definitely had a celebration. Her cake was made of peanut butter and oats, trimmed with dog treats and a doggy chew in the middle. She shared her cake with the babies, but not graciously.

My favorite part of the day, though probably not hers, was giving Molly her present: a lion's mane! We've always said she looks like a lion, and we found a mane that was just her color.

With her mane, she looks like a tall, gangly, teenage lion who hasn't quite grown into her legs yet. She went along with the silliness, prowling around the house and growling. It was a wonderful birthday celebration, and we look forward to many more years with our Molly dog.


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