Have The Kids Make Their Thanksgiving Dinner Poster

Want to keep the kids busy for a little while while you're putting together Thanksgiving dinner? Pull out some magazines, newspapers and grocery store ads to spark some creativity.

Special bonus: They will be off their electronic devices for a bit. Yay!

Most children don't get to plan the holiday meal, but by making their own dream menu, they can think about what kind of food they would like to have. You're lucky mine wasn't covered completely in chocolate. I was tempted, though.

All you need are:
ads and magazines
large sheets of paper

Now the fun begins. They can go through and cut out any pictures of anything they'd like to have on their special menu. Then they arrange them on the page and glue them down. If there's any space left over, they can write notes, give cooking instructions or just sign and date it.

Who knows - you might be encouraging a future restauranteur.


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