Spring Lilies Centerpiece

All the rainy days we've had lately have put me in the spring mood! Today's centerpiece DIY will turn your table into a mini garden, perfect for this Easter season.

You'll need a collection of silk flowers, paper grass, a piece of florist foam and some kind of dish to put it all in. I used a metal bucket inside a picket fence style box I made from paint stirrers.

First, cut off the corners of the foam so it will fit your container.

Then comes the tedious task of trimming down all the flowers and separating them from their stems. Laying them out will give you a good overall picture of how many you have and where they can best be used in your arrangement.

Start with the edges and alternate colors, sticking them into the foam enough that they just barely hang over the top of the box.

When you're done with this row, you'll have a big, empty space in the middle.

Fill that space with paper grass.

Now you can build the rounded top of the arrangement with your remaining flowers. Trim the ends of the stems as necessary to even out their heights.

You'll get a more dramatic arrangement with the small flowers around the bottom and fewer large flowers on top. Once you've got them in place, you can bend stems and adjust as necessary so all of the holes are filled in.


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