Spring Flowers For Our Corner Garden

What a beautiful week we've had - perfect weather for clearing out the gardens and getting some beautiful spring flowers in the ground. I won't tell you about the sunburn I earned while doing this bed - that's a story for another day.

Part of my problem with this particular garden bed is the downspout right above it. One of the joints wasn't sealed properly, so anything I planted was flooded during the first good rain. My first plan of attack was to run to the local home improvement store and invest all of $4 in a tube of gutter sealant. Seriously. That's all it took.

The only plants that would grow in these harsh, water-logged conditions were wildflowers. Unfortunately, they took over the garden and then died as winter set in. The longest part of this entire project was getting all this old growth cleared away.

The change was instantly amazing. This was pretty enough with the new fertilized dirt in it that I almost wanted to leave it just like this. Almost.

You can find some really beautiful plants for very reasonable prices right now. I chose pink daisies, yellow tulips, asparagus ferns, muscari blue and several trays of lobelia and dianthus. As I laid them out in my garden design, it was even prettier than I imagined.

I also had two handfuls of hen and chicks that survived the winter. They're going to take center stage in this bed. My hope is that some year I'll have this whole bed full of succulents. In the meantime, I'm  enjoying the explosion of color in this corner garden.


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