Rose Napkin Fold For Your Spring Tablescape

Last week we talked about some possible menus for your Easter Sunday dinner. Today we'll put another special touch on the table with a beautiful rose napkin fold, tucked sweetly in each glass.

My new Pioneer Woman bandana napkins are perfect for spring! It's always a good idea to iron a cloth napkin before trying to fold it, just so it's nice and stiff.

Choose one color for your flower and fold it corner to corner.

Then fold the bottom point to the top. Now you'll have two parallel edges.

Fold the bottom edge up to make it half as wide.

Finish the flower by rolling the napkin from one end to the other. We'll fluff it in a minute.

For the green leaves, fold the napkin from corner to corner twice, making a smaller triangle.

Roll up the bottom point two or three times.

Tuck the flower into the folds of the leaves and arrange it in the glass. Now you can loosen the wraps of the flower to look like petals and secure the leaves around it to hold it in place. Play around with the color combinations to make your dinner table look nice and inviting.


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