Spring And Easter Cards Featuring Tiny Images

 Spring is the perfect time to pull out some of those teeny tiny stamps you have tucked away in a drawer somewhere. You know the ones I'm talking about - they're just an inch square, maybe a word or image the size of a postage stamp. They're not large enough to make a focal point, but they're great for many other designs. Here are three to try.

Borders: line them up on the top or bottom of your card. Alternate colors, images and direction to make it appealing to look at.

Banner: the same image in a variety of positions and colors. Make them small enough to put several in a row with plenty of room on the bottom for a coordinating word or phrase.

Quilt blocks: one of my favorites, with four images in colors from the same family. Monochromatic works well with this one, and you can use up some of your embellishment collection to fill in the white spaces.
Try these layout ideas and share your own creations!


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