Spring Cookie Sandwiches

After several baking projects with my teen girls Bible study, I had five containers of frosting partially used. If you have teenagers, you'll understand. None of them had enough to frost an entire cake or batch of cookies, so I needed a different thought process.

These spring chocolate chip sandwich cookies helped me use up three of the five containers, clearing out a little bit of space in the pantry.

You'll want to use chewy cookies for these, otherwise the frosting smooshes out all over the place - unless that's what you're going for. It just makes them a little easier to eat, let's put it that way.

Pour sprinkles into a bowl and press the edge of the cookies where the frosting is exposed. You may need to use your other hand to smooth them out and fill in some of the holes.

There are many varieties of spring baking decorations out there right now, so find the combination of colors and shapes you like best. Then go to town making some sweet sandwiches.


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