Handmade Burlap Crosses For Easter

 With just two weeks until the Easter weekend and Resurrection Sunday, our teen girls Bible study made these beautiful burlap crosses from four dollar store finds. I really wanted to shift their thinking from Easter bunnies and gift baskets full of candy to the serious, timeless message of Jesus' last days on earth and the miracle that followed.

Four items at $1 each are all you need to make this cross yourself. You'll want small rolls of burlap in your favorite colors (we used red, pink, blue and brown, making two crosses from each roll), twine, an 8x10 inch picture frame and a flower pick of grass and butterflies.

Carefully disassemble the frame and save the back stand part for another project. (More on that another day.) Cut the strip of burlap long enough to overlap in the back and seal with hot glue. Tie the spot where they cross with twine, which pinches the centers together and gives you a place to tuck in two sprigs from the floral grasses pick - one with butterfly and one without. Trim them as necessary if they're too long. You can hang it on the wall by centering the top of the frame on a nail, where it will be hidden by the burlap.


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