An Easter Dish Garden

While I was on the hunt for napkins for yesterday's rose fold, I also knew I wanted to find the pieces to make an Easter garden for our dining room table. This beautiful reminder of Jesus' sacrifice for our hope of eternal life shows us every day that we have been bought with a price.

Finding the flowers was easy, as every store in America has pretty bouquets available now. I chose one large and two small pots. The fun part was looking for a container, and this metal tub was exactly what I wanted. It wasn't in the gardening section, but in the special summer aisles to be used as an ice bucket. Not for me!

We have an abundance of rocks in our outdoor gardens, so I put a single layer in the bottom of the bucket.

Then a layer of potting soil.

The largest plant goes in the back after I loosened the roots a little. They were pretty crammed in their little plastic pot.

The two small plants go in front, with a little space between them.

Then it's filled to the rim with more potting soil. Be gentle and press it down firmly to hold the new plants in place.

A ring of rocks gives the pot a fun border, with a few more scattered here and there.

To make the cross, I broke a stick into two pieces and tied them together with brown baker's twine. You can choose any color, even coordinating it with the colors of your flowers. The cross goes front and center in the open space. From there you can dress the arrangement up any way you'd like. 


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