Little Golden Book Blocks

Today I'm going to share yet another way to use one of the dozens of Little Golden Books I've collected to make adorable building blocks.

You'll need several supplies and a little bit of time to create these miniature works of art, but the end product is so cute that you won't mind at all. Gather some wood blocks of different sizes, paint, brushes, Mod Podge, a ruler, a paper trimmer and a children's book.

There are two different styles of puzzle blocks in today's tutorial - for one you'll want your blocks painted, for the other it's not necessary. I've painted both sets here just so you can see your options. 

While the paint dries, you can break the book down by cutting off the covers and separating the pages.

For the first set of blocks, we're going to put one picture on the back and a second picture on the front. The sides will stay blue. My small blocks are 1 inch square, so I cut a 3-inch square picture from one of the pages.

And then cut it down into 1-inch squares.

Here is my front picture and my back picture all ready to go. 

Then each block gets a thin layer of Mod Podge and the picture is gently placed on top. I used an old credit card to smooth the square from the center out, releasing any air bubbles and pressing out any potential wrinkles.

When you're done, you'll have two adorable pictures. When you shuffle them up and put them back together, you'll have to make sure both pictures are complete.

For the second type of blocks, you'll be putting pictures on all six sides. For this style, you won't have to paint at the beginning of the process.

Repeat the remaining steps for Mod Podging the pictures to the blocks. These larger blocks are 1.5 inches square, so I cut all 36 of my pictures first, using most of the pages from the book. Keep a dry side on the bottom so it doesn't stick to the paper while you're working on the other sides.

If your blocks aren't perfectly square, like some of mine weren't, you'll want to trim the overlapping paper so the edges will touch all the way around. When you're done, you can add another thin coat of Mod Podge to seal it or you can leave them like they are. Now your favorite little people can enjoy a Little Golden Book themed gift.


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