Give A Cheery Get Well Packet

I don't know what it's like in your family and church right now, but here we're passing around some nasty sicknesses. I can't remember the last time our whole church family was together, although I know it means job security for my nurse friends. Today's project will help you share your love and concern with those people who need to hurry up and get well soon and use up some of your paper scraps at the same time.

For this Get Well Soon packet, you'll need packages of dry soup mix, plastic spoons, coordinating paper, matching eyelets or brads and ribbon.

Measure out a rectangle of paper that is about an inch wider than the packet on both sides and half an inch longer on the top and bottom.

Cut two of these, one for the front and one for the back.

With both patterns facing up, fold the front sheet down about two-thirds of the way so you can see what is written on the packet.

Cover that exposed white flap with coordinating paper.

Then tack the flap down and seal up the bottom with brads or eyelets. Spell out your phrase in matching stickers.

I added a coordinating tag tucked in behind the soup packet and a plastic spoon right beside it. If you made the whole packet a little bit bigger, you could add a tea bag, a piece of chocolate or another small gift.


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