Virus, Virus Go Away!

How much money would you guess you spend every year on doctor visits and medication for common colds and viruses? If your household is like ours, it's probably more than you think.

So how can you cut down on those expenses? Maybe not by buying fewer or a cheaper brand, but by preventing illnesses in the first place. A little prevention now can save you bucket-loads of money down the road.

* Eat healthy. The better prepared your body is to fight infection and viruses, the easier the fight will be. Milk, eggs, nuts, fresh fruits and the colorful vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients that will build your immune system. And don't forget breakfast!

* Wash your hands.
Sing "Happy Birthday" while scrubbing with soap - this will be the right length of wash time to remove the germs from your hands. Use hot water and an antibacterial soap. Then apply hand sanitizer or a great hand lotion.

* Keep your hands away from your face.
Do you really want everything you've touched today smeared all over your nose and mouth? That's like giving germs an invitation straight into your body. Keep washing and keep your hands in your lap.

* Get plenty of sleep.
Your body uses that time to fight invaders and boost your immunity. The better, longer sleep time you can get, the less chance you'll have of getting knocked off you feet by sickness.

* Do a heavy-duty cleaning.
Deep-clean all common surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and dining room. And remember - antibacterial wipes are not cleaners, they only disinfect.

* Drink your water.
Drinking 8 glasses of water each day cleanses out your system and keeps you hydrated. We tend to drink less water in the winter, but this is the time we might need it most.

* Forget sharing!
Mama may have taught us how to share nicely, but this is not the time. Keep your water bottles, silverware and pillows to yourself. Anything that you (or someone else) breathe on or put near your mouth is now saturated with germs.

* If necessary, keep your distance.
You can generally tell from across the room if someone is sick - so stay there! Don't hug, don't shake hands and definitely don't stay in the room too long. It's nothing personal - you just don't want what they have.


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