Are Two Tasks Better Than One?

God gave us two of many things when we were created - two ears, two eyes, two arms, two legs - but He only gave us one brain. I seriously believe that this is because we were not intended to be constantly multitasking.

We all try to do it, but have you ever noticed how the quality of your work often decreases when you do two things at once? Can you really concentrate completely when your focus is divided? And is it worth it to try if you know your productivity will be slashed?

Now there are some things that are fine for multitasking, but others are just wrong.

* Good: Talking on the phone while folding laundry.
* Bad: Talking on the phone while driving.

* Good: Petting the cat while watching television.
* Bad: Balancing the checkbook while watching television.

* Good: Listening to your MP3 player while vacuuming.
* Bad: Listening to your MP3 player while doing Bible study.

* Good: Reading a magazine while cooking dinner.
* Bad: Reading a magazine while cleaning the bathroom.

* Good: Planning your day while drinking a cup of cocoa.
* Bad: Planning your day while checking e-mail, sending a text, browsing the Internet and answering the phone.

The point is that any time you multitask, you divide your 100% attention between two things. You're not able to focus on giving quality effort to all you do, you're just giving smaller percentages of energy to each one. And I don't know about you, but I don't have a whole lot of energy to spare!

Some women will immediately say, but I'm busy with such-and-such and have to do several things at once just to get them all accomplished! If not, everything will fall apart!

How much of what we do during the day is self-imposed? There are only a few responsibilities the Lord has given us each day that we have to see through to the end. The rest are burdens we've given to ourselves. (Yes, I'm absolutely including myself here.)

If we are to do all to the glory of God, we need to center our thoughts on one act of service at a time. This may seem slow and laborious, but it's better than doing a mediocre job on several things all at the same time. The Lord deserves our best in all situations.


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