Chalk On, Chalk Off

If you're even remotely interested in creative crafts, pick up a can of chalkboard spray paint. This stuff is so easy to use and has about a million uses.

For example: this candle would make a great gift, or a changeable decoration for several seasons. It took about 10 minutes to prep, five to create and a few hours to dry.

For this project you'll need:
A can of chalkboard spray paint
A candle in glass jar
Aluminum foil
Painter's tape
A ruler

1. In a well-ventilated area, lay out a plastic bag for a workspace.

2. Clean the surface you'd like to paint and remove any dust and debris.

3. Tape off the section you're going to paint. Since this candle had such a large area I wasn't going to paint, I used some aluminum foil to cover the top and bottom. Use the ruler to get straight lines.

4. Follow the can's directions for applying the paint. Generally, you hold the can about a foot away from the surface and spray in sweeping motions. Alternating directions will keep it from running and will make an even surface.

5. After the second coat has dried, peel away the tape. If necessary, use a sharp razor blade to clean up any drips or runs.

6. To prime the surface, color the entire chalkboard area with chalk and wipe away. Decorate with stencils, Scripture or whatever words fit the season.

There are so many other creative uses for this spray paint. Here are just a few:
* Decorate the front of a lunchbox
* Create a kitchen chalkboard for everyday info
* Paint the top of a key rack to write down everyone's schedules
* Paint an entire section of wall for a kids' art area
* Spray the entire top of an old table
* Crafts like plant markers or place cards
* Resurface an old refrigerator
* In a child's bedroom, install a chair rail and paint with chalkboard paint from there down
* Label drawers
* Make a special frame for a daily Scripture or other encouraging message


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