Clean Your Bathroom In Less Than 10 Minutes

There is one room of the house I would avoid cleaning if possible, but it's also the one that needs to be cleanest for health reasons - the bathroom. This is my least favorite cleaning chore, but there's a quick, easy way to take care of it. Once you've got the technique down, you can clean your entire bathroom in less than 10 minutes a day.

When you head to the bathroom to clean, take everything you need with you:
* Disinfecting spray
* Disinfecting wipes
* Toilet bowl cleaner
* Tub and tile cleaner
* Glass cleaner
* Broom or vacuum
* Mop or some type of wet jet cleaner
* Paper towels or cleaning rags
* Plastic bag for garbage

This may seem like a long list, but keep them stored together in a basket or pail and you can grab them every day. And remember that you'll only be using each one for about a minute each, so the task won't be so hard. For toilet bowl cleaners, you can either use a liquid and toilet brush or the new brushes with the disposable cleaning pads.

1. Spray counter tops with disinfecting spray and allow to sit.
2. Spray the bathtub and tile with tub and tile cleaner.
3. If you're using liquid cleaner and a toilet brush, pour liquid into toilet and allow to sit.
4. Spray and clean mirrors.
5. Wipe down the counters with paper towel or rag.
6. Scrub and rinse tub and tile.
7. Scrub toilet with toilet brush or brush with disposable pad. Wipe seat and lid with disinfecting wipe.
8. Spray handles and fixtures with disinfecting spray.
9. Sweep floor from the back of the room to the doorway. Mop.
10. Gather up all the wipes and towels, replacing the old trash bag and taking out the full, old one.

And now you're done - for today! Repeat this once a day and you'll have a consistently clean bathroom. We often think that we have to spend all kinds of time and energy to take care of our home, but sometimes there are fabulous shortcuts that do exactly the same job. Work smarter not harder and you'll have some extra time for other pursuits.


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