The Moss Is Always Greener

I was getting so embarrassed! It seemed like every day our front steps were getting greener and greener - and I don't mean in an eco-friendly way! The moss that had been there since we moved in was slowly taking over the surface of the bricks, making them a little slippery and very unsightly.

So while doing some research I learned that there is a hard way and an easy way to remove moss.

Hard way: Pour boiling water on the moss and scrub. Not a bad idea if you have time, energy, patience and elbow grease. I think I have 1 out of 4. (You figure out which one.)

Easy way: Use bleach to coat the moss. When it turns white, power-wash it off.

Can you guess which I did?

Since I really didn't feel like spending all day Saturday on my hands and knees on the steps, I poured a bottle of bleach over the moss-infected area and let it sit. (The experts also suggest putting it in a spray bottle and soaking the area that way.)

It turned white within 10 minutes, but I let it sit longer so it would get down deep - I wasn't about to do this all again.

Then I turned the garden hose nozzle onto "Typhoon" and watched in amazement as the now-white moss flew off the steps. As you can see it even whitened my grout! There's still some scrubbing to do in the little crevices, but this process saved me a ton of time and effort.


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