Surprise Birthday Ideas!

Today is Danny's 40th birthday. This has been a very special occasion for months - I've been planning and shopping...and hopefully he isn't any the wiser.

We had a surprise party last Sunday night at church, and I've got more surprises up my sleeve today. And it's not just because it's a special milestone, but because Danny's so special.

Make that next special birthday in your life even more special with some great surprises. It's time to get out of that silly rut and use your imagination!

* Start sending birthday cards the week before their birthday. Send e-cards, cards in the mail, hide cards around the house. You can even give them as many cards as they are years old. Let them know that you're looking forward to celebrating their special day.

* Find books or cards that tell what was happening the year they were born. This is a great piece of nostalgia that you can pull out every year.

* Find a newspaper or magazine from the day they were born. If there's some publication that's of special meaning, see if they have archived issues.

* Have all the folks at work/church/bowling team sign a card or framed picture to give as a gift.

* If you want to involve lots of people, plan a "party" that the birthday boy/girl knows about for sometime over the weekend. Then have the actual party a day or two before. "Decide" to go out for dinner and meet the other guests at a restaurant for the surprise party.

* If you want something more subdued, plan a picnic in the living room,

* Write "Happy Birthday" on their bathroom mirror with soap. When they get out of the steamy shower your message will appear.

* Have something custom made. There's something special about a keepsake piece that has their name or birth date on it.

* Plan a surprise get-away to somewhere they've been talking about for ages. This is called a time-delay tactic! Get tickets in advance, plan all the arrangements, and then don't say a word. Hustle them into the car and head out.

* Forgo the traditional and think about their favorite things. Choose cheesecake over a sheet cake. Don't go out this year - stay in. Make a card instead of buying one. Always buy the same thing? Keep your ears and eyes open for clues about something out of the ordinary they might like.

* Start a new tradition. Purchase a special candle holder to use every year. Use the same gift box over and over. Find special place settings just for birthdays.

This one isn't for the birthday boy, but it's a great surprise.
* Send your mother-in-law a thank-you card on your husband's birthday.

Be creative, don't lie about anything, and have a great celebration!

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)


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