...And Then I Woke Up!

Our Cayenne Pepper kitty is the best napper in the entire world. While she has a couple of favorite napping locations, anywhere is fair game if she's tired enough.

Cayenne sleeping on the couch
She is not ashamed to slouch

Cayenne sleeping on the bed
She loves to curl around your head

Cayenne sleeping on a chair
One more place to clean off hair

Cayenne sleeping in a ball
This was as far as she could crawl

Cayenne sleeping on Danny
Her drifting off is so uncanny

Cayenne sleeping in an uncomfortable position
Do you know a chiropractic physician?

Cayenne sleeping near her puppy
I guess it's good Sadie's not a guppy

Cayenne sleeping on another chair
To wake her now I would not dare

We have yet to find her sleeping on a puppy, half out the window or on top of the dryer, but I'm sure that time will come. In the meantime, I think I'm ready for a nap of my own...Yawn! (If these pictures don't make you sleepy, I don't know what will!)


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