Chalk Popping - Scrapbook Style

I've finished up my fall cards for this year and I decided to keep my chalk theme going for another week. (Look at last week's craft post if you haven't already.)

Chalk popping is a great scrapbooking technique that gives stamped designs a whole new texture.

To make these gorgeous leaves, gather up:
Scrapbooking chalk
Cotton puffs (may come with your chalk)
Assortment of stamps
Embossing ink (preferably tinted)
Coordinating papers

1. Cut paper to fit your card. Light colors work best for this but you can experiment for the look you like best.

2. Stamp each image with embossing ink. You're not going to actually emboss it, but you want the ink to hold your chalk. Overlap some images off the edges of the paper for a finished look. The ink will be wet for a few minutes, but only stamp the area you can work on at one time. (Be careful not to smear the wet ink while you chalk.)

3. With the tiny cotton puffs and tweezers, apply chalk in swirls over the inked images. It will darken the ink and create a lighter shadow around the ink. Lightly blow when you're completely done to remove the excess chalk dust. Also alternate colors across the paper so you have a variety of images and colors.

4. After a few minutes to dry, use the stamped and chalked paper as you normally would on your cards or scrapbook page.


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