Squaring Off With A Scrapbook Page

If you're looking for a fun, easy, original scrapbook layout idea, here it is. This mosaic page may look difficult, but with the help of a paper trimmer, you can sail through this project.

You'll need:

Several pictures you're willing to cut to pieces
Adhesive (re-positional glue is great for this)
Paper trimmer
Craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat
Coordinating paper

A word about the pictures you choose: You will be cutting each picture into 1 inch squares, so choose photos with small details. Close-up shots of someone's face are probably not a great idea, since people generally don't look good in pieces. Nature shots are great for this project, as are pictures of people from a distance.

1. Arrange your pictures on the 12x12 paper you plan to use as your background. There are also papers specially designed with squares spaced for you that you can purchase. This is easier, though, because you can find exactly the colors and designs you like rather than settling for whatever is available. You can plan to either spread you squares randomly as this page shows, or keep the picture in one corner, just cut up like tiles. Leave some room for a title, journaling and any other embellishments you'd like.

2. Using your paper trimmer, cut your pictures into 1 inch strips, and then into 1 inch squares. If you don't have a paper trimmer, you can lay your pictures on a craft mat and use a craft knife and metal ruler to cut your squares. Lay the picture face down and measure out your cuts on each edge, marking them with a pencil. Then use the knife and metal edge to cut straight lines.

3. With a little adhesive on the back of each square, position each one according to your plan. Begin in one corner and work your way systematically down, leaving between 1/16 and 1/8 inch space between, depending on the look you want.

4. Once you've mastered this part of the process, experiment with blocks of color, photo mats and adding larger photos to the page. Then you can transfer this idea to cards or wherever else you'd like a beautiful mosaic tile look.


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