Fruit Kabobs - Centerpiece or Appetizer?

The answer is: both! This is a clever presentation for the fruit tray you'll probably be serving for Thanksgiving. It's so boring to just set a tray of fruits or veggies out for your guests, but they'll love pulling a fruit kabob out of your centerpiece and nibbling while you talk.

You'll need:
A fruit, veggie, cheese or combination tray
4-8 bamboo or metal skewers
A large vase and fall decorations (If you still have your fall vase from a few weeks ago {Oct 7}, utilize that one more time.)

1. Fill your vase with a variety of fall decorations - leaves, flowers, pine cones and fresh fruits like apples and oranges.

2. Thread several pieces of fruit, veggies and cheese onto the skewers. Leave plenty of room at the bottom to tuck them into the vase. Alternate pieces so there's only one of each per skewer (you want a variety on each one).

3. Arrange the skewers in the vase like a flower arrangement, making enough for each of your guests. Vary the height and pattern of fruit, laying some across the mouth of the vase.

4. Serve with a caramel or chocolate dipping sauce for the fruit and your favorite dip or salad dressing for the vegetables.

Not only is this a perfect last-minute idea, but it's healthy and gives you and your Thanksgiving guests an opportunity to stand around and talk while you're dipping and snacking.


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