Turning Your Planner Pages Into Tiny Dioramas

Whenever I get new stickers or new washi tape or new anything that relates to my planner, I love grouping them and coordinating it all across the two-page spread. The result is a tiny diorama on paper, a snapshot of whatever I want to create on those pages.

For this layout, I used The Happy Planner’s Bookish sticker pack, which I found for 75% off in Hobby Lobby’s clearance section. I’m a book girl, so it just seemed right. I started with the Make Life Cozy sticker at the top of the page and worked my way down, using the color-coordinated furniture and plants, then adding in precious puppies all over the place!

The finished product reminds me of a home designer’s idea board, full of delightful furniture, creatively placed plants, wall art and some beautiful staging. I would live in this house, but since I can’t, I’ll just enjoy it for the day! What settings could you create on your planner pages this week?


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