My “Oh My Goodness, Is That A Pencil???” Planner Layout

See those yellow things all over my planner pages? Back in the day, those “pencils” were used to write words on paper. People would put that paper into folded-up paper in the shape of a rectangle, seal it up and send it to friends and family. Those “letters” in “envelopes” were treasured communication over the miles.

In all seriousness, letter-writing is a lost art form. I am the first to admit that I don’t send nearly as many paper messages as I do electronic ones. But there’s something about getting that envelope in the mail that speaks volumes - someone took the time to write, address, stamp and mail something. Imagine that!

This planner layout is such a good reminder that people need words of encouragement and love that they can hold on to, not just see on a device screen. If we can be a comforter, a friend and a lifeline by writing our thoughts on paper and sending them across the miles, isn’t that worth a few minutes of effort? Who is the first person you would send a note to?


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