Turn One Sheet Of Paper Into Five Gifts

I did something earlier this week that I haven’t done in ages - I started a project and finished it in the same sitting! This collection of blue cards made my heart sing in ways I can’t really describe. God created me to create, and having time to sit and make something beautiful was exactly what I needed!

My favorite envelopes measure 4.75x6.5 inches, so I cut down an 8.5x11-inch piece of white card stock to fit. The card itself measures 4.5x6.25 inches, leaving two strips around the edges. I cut two 4.5x2.25-inch pieces, a 2x6.25-inch bookmark and 2x2.5-inch tag. 

Folded up, they make a card, two gift cards, a bookmark and a tag.

Then I cover them with colored card stock.

For each one, I cut decorator paper 1/4-inch smaller so there is a border of color around the outside.

My favorite part, though, is the decorating. I love coordinating colors and patterns and words and embellishments to create something new and beautiful. Digging through all my bits to find those perfect add-ons makes my day!

The result is a useful, one-of-a-kind set that can be given as it is, broken down and given as five pieces or any combination thereof. Think of how many blessings you can be!


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