National Rescue Dog Day!

Yesterday was National Rescue Dog Day, so I’m celebrating by sharing some of my favorite pictures of our pack. Diesel’s favorite thing in the entire world is riding in the car ... can you tell?

I’m often asked how I walk four dogs at a time. My answer is, very carefully.

Callie is our tiniest dog, and she folds up very compactly when she wants to fit somewhere. 

Diesel, Molly and Callie were all rescued from Heartland Humane Society here in Ottumwa. Parker is my southern boy, coming all the way from Louisiana.

Molly spends as much time as she can outside, but she’s also very fond of the couch, so she’s torn.

My handsome boy! It’s all about the ears.

Parker is our old soul. He just wants to be close and have some attention. And with those eyes, I’ll give him anything he wants. Happy day after National Rescue Dog Day!


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