My “Let’s Use A Whole Bunch Of Random Supplies” Planner Layout

I can’t begin to tell you how tempted I was to make a trip to Hobby Lobby last week. They had several sales going on, and the pull was strong to just go look. Look, I tell you, look! But I resisted the temptation - thank you, Lord - and shopped from my own stash here at home. The result was a fun page that used up several pages of embellishments.

You probably know the feeling of flipping through your craft supplies and finding little bits and pieces here and there. They’re not really enough to do a whole project, so they go in a collection to deal with later. That’s what I did with my sticker books, pulling out a few pages that had three or four little pieces left. Those all combined into a beautiful collage of colors and patterns that ended up working together perfectly.

There are now a few empty sticker pages in the trash can and a little more room in my sticker book bucket, so that makes me happy. And I didn’t give in and buy supplies I don’t really need, which is also a very good thing. But most importantly, I have pretty pages to help me organize my day and my week - so I consider this Random Supply Challenge a huge success! Are you ready to try?


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