Thanks And Giving Fall Gift Bags

The best gifts at this time of year are the ones that remind us how important it is to remember and give thanks. With just a bag of fall table scatter, a few stickers and some card stock, you can help someone special remember God’s blessings in their lives.

Each bag I made contains a glittered leaf, a gold pumpkin, an orange pumpkin and some tiny jewels. On the mini bag, I used a sharpie to assign one thing to remember for each piece inside: a blessing for the leaf, an answered prayer for the gold pumpkin and someone special for the orange pumpkin. Then they can remember those blessings over and over again.

This collection supplies is literally all you need for this fun project. I had all of them in my craft room, including the small jewelry bags. 

To make the bag toppers, I cut a strip of card stock just wider than the bag and then cut it into squares. Fold it in half and put a piece of double stick tape in each corner. The tape makes it easy to get into the bag and seal it back up when you’re done. The topper can then be decorated any way you’d like.

These bags are simple, adorable and incredibly powerful when given as a gift. We all need to remember how blessed we truly are.


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