My “November” And “I Like Books” Planner Layouts

And then, all of a sudden, it was November. The next-to-the-last month of this crazy year. There’s no better time to give thanks to God for His abundant mercy and grace, and to those in our lives who love us and support us when we need it most. That’s what my November planner spread is all about.

Have I ever mentioned that I like books? That’s not exactly true - I love books. Some of my best friends are books. That’s why I adore this week’s planner pages - because they’re pages full of pages! Very little could make me happier than books in my calendar book. One more time ... books!!!

I’m allergic to real cats - incredibly allergic - but this kitten had to go in my planner anyway. He coordinates purr-fectly. Get it? Purr ... sorry. I couldn’t resist. This week, the left hand page will be for my home to-do lists, and the right hand page will be for work stuff. On this side, I need to keep track of a custom card order I’m working on, as well as notes for some upcoming youth lessons and social media posts. And now that our Butcher Box is here, I can do some serious meal planning in that food space. Fun!

 Monday is going to be a super, wonderful day because Danny will be celebrating the Big 5-1! I’m making sure it is an incredibly special day for him, as I’m praising God for the husband He has given me. At the office, we’re hosting a few important meetings that I need to be prepared for, so these spaces will be perfect for planning ahead. These happy stacks of books will definitely get me through my work week, especially my weekend is booked. Get it? Booked ... sorry again. (Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitress, try the veal.)


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