My “Shark Week” Planner Layout

Did you ever do something just because you could? Or did you create something just because it makes you smile? That’s my shark layout in my planner this week. Just keep swimming ... just keep swimming!

I started with teal green washi tape to outline the columns like water. The light green letters are from my fall sticker book, proving that it’s totally ok to mix and match craft supplies. (Like we really need a reason, right?) I needed to cover up the flower at the top of the page since there are no roses in the ocean ... that I know of ... so I used a blue rub-on square to make my shark look like he’s zooming through the water! A few strategically placed bubbles and some kelp bring it all together but still leave me room to make notes.

I’m working from home for the time being, until the pandemic numbers go down some, so I need to be even more organized than usual. There are so many things happening in the next few days to keep track of, and these sharks are going to help! Ok, they’re just going to make me smile, but that’s a pretty great responsibility. What makes you smile that way? Can you work it into your life somehow this week? I challenge you to get creative!


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