My “Thankful & Blessed” Planner Layout

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I pray that the next few days will find you full of thanks, giving and possibly turkey and pie. Probably turkey and pie. Two of the many reasons we have to be grateful this year, even among the uncertain circumstances around us. 

My planner pages are about to be filled with prayer lists, shopping lists, cooking lists and baking lists. I wanted to make the most of these last fall pages, so they’re packed with autumn colors, nut-loving squirrels and the signs of the season.

A simple way to get more use out of one sticker is to cut it into pieces with the sharpest scissors you have. That’s what I did with the fall banner, using each flag for a hanging down the side. A little creativity will help you turn ordinary things into extraordinary things. From there, I spread a few small images and phrases over the page to save space for plans and appointments - at least it’s a three-day work week! May this week be full of special blessings and loads of love. Happy Thanksgiving!


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