Back To Basics In The Craft Room

When the weather is beautiful and full of sunshine, the first thing I want to do is ... clean out the craft room! No, seriously. It’s so much easier - and much more fun - to clean up our sunroom when the sun is pouring in the windows and I can have the door open.

This is the Stuff From Trees Headquarters, so a lot of really creative work has to happen in here. Having a great, unobstructed view is essential, as is a way to cover my work table so that beautiful sunshine doesn’t fade the paper and embellishments I’m using. It’s the only, only, only drawback of using this room for crafts.

I was able to get my Christmas supplies gathered together and reorganized this week, so the next couple of weeks will be all things holiday in our world. There will be many new winter and Christmas items available in the shop this weekend, so make sure you visit soon to get your Christmas shopping taken care of all in one place. ‘Tis the season!

And this picture of Diesel helping is just to make you smile. My Velcro Dog goes where I go, so he’ll be spending a lot of time in the craft room in the days to come, too. He’s got a ruff life, huh?


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