Custom Orders To Bring Someone Closer To The Lord

There is very little in this world that we love more than custom orders. When we started Stuff From Trees in 2009, filling special orders was our bread and butter. It’s always been our heart to help others share their love and their faith with handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces.

This week is special proof of this - the dining room table is covered in all the bits and pieces necessary to fill a 50-card custom order. A dear, sweet friend of ours asked for 50 get well and thinking of you cards, and I jumped at the opportunity. There’s nothing better than knowing our cards, journals, pens, wood burnings and puzzles are going to lift up and encourage people when they need it most.

One of my favorite parts of creating greeting cards is choosing the perfect Scriptures to go inside. When you place your card order, you can share your favorite verses or you can have us match the Scripture with the designs you’ve chosen. Having God’s word on, in and through each of our orders make them so special - both to us and to those who will receive them.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner (I know, right?), now is the time to get your custom orders started. We would love to hear your ideas for cards and gifts, then bring them to life. And you can get your holiday shopping done all in one place - you can’t beat that!

As we finish any order, we always pray that God’s word will touch a life, touch a heart and bring someone closer to the Lord. It’s this foundation that Stuff From Trees is built upon, and it’s such a blessing and our pleasure to help you do the same. Hope to hear from you soon.


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