When Your Art Skills Are A Little Unrefined

Next week our local community college will be showcasing Ottumwa High School student art in their art gallery. I had the opportunity to stop in to take pictures for the CVB, and it is an amazing display.

If you have the opportunity to stop in and take the gallery tour, I would highly recommend it. And make sure you sign the guest book while you’re there.

I didn’t take art classes in high school, and that was for a very specific reason. I consider myself artsy, but in a crafty way. (And I mean crafty in the nicest way.) But when it comes to drawing or painting or pottery or anything along those lines, I know when to bow out gracefully. I still have an art notebook I made in junior high, and I pull it out when I want a good chuckle.

But that’s the crazy thing about art - there are so many ways you can express yourself. Ways that you can succeed in your own eyes. Ways you can show everyone what’s in your heart. I know exactly which ways are my ways ... and which ways are most definitely not my ways.

Maybe that’s why this student art exhibit spoke to me. Incredibly talented young artists have found ways to share themselves with the world. It takes courage to expose yourself through art, but in this case it was totally worth the vulnerability. Every single one of these teens should be proud of the creations that grace these walls.

I would encourage you to do something artsy this week. What’s that one art form that you love to do but haven’t touched in a while? What have you wanted to try but never had the time? Make this the day you’ll strike out and create something amazing. You might find the experience counfidence building!


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