Usher In Spring With Floral Arrangements

Are you as ready for spring as I am? It's time to lift our spirits, get rid of all the winter colors and focus on the light and airy feel of spring. And these floral arrangements are a great way to start!

A quick trip to the dollar store, or perhaps to your storage bins at home, and you'll have the few supplies you need to create a spring arrangement. I used the flowers, jar and pebbles shown here, plus a jar and pebbles I already had.

Pour the pebbles in the jar to the desired height and break apart the floral stems.

To make the tall, thin arrangement, I took the blue hydrangeas off the stem entirely and tucked them into the mouth of the jar. The glittered onion grass filled the middle of the jar.

I trimmed the white flowers to different heights so they would add some variety through the onion grass.

And the pink ones are arranged to cascade around the others, creating a little movement, too. I did much the same for the square one, using the leftover flowers. Having two bright, colorful arrangements on the kitchen table is breathing much-needed spring life to the house.


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