Sunday Sketches

Since we only have a few more weeks until Easter, I wanted to start sharing some sketches you can use to start your spring cards now. It's always a good idea to make holiday cards well in advance of the date so there is plenty of time to write in them and get them in the mail.

For my card, I pulled out three Easter and spring-themed stamps and used beautiful pink and blue ink. The peace frame is a chipboard slide that I had been saving for just such an occasion.

Looking at it now, I wish I had made a double mat for the background, adding a blue or dark pink behind the light pink. So next time I'll do that! There is a blue eyelet for the ribbon attached to the phrase, and knotted ribbon around the edge of the slide.

Now for your card! The sketch is staggered from left to right with a banner across the middle. You could use anything for that banner, from stamped images like mine to stickers to die cuts. And they wouldn't have to be right on the card stock - try lifting a few with 3D adhesive or overlapping images.

Mat your sentiment on a coordinating card stock to make it stand out. Then you can embellish it in some creative way. I used a ribbon and eyelet, but you could add some gems or acrylic dots, or some other amazing bits you have saved up.

When you finish the cards from this sketch, I'd love to see them. This sketch can be used all spring, as you have fun and get creative in your design.


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