Understanding The Personality Of A Great Dane

Thinking about getting a Great Dane? Already have a Dane but don't quite understand how her brain works? Just want to be supportive to your friendly neighborhood Dane owner? Here are a few insights into the Great Dane personality.

As opposed to popular belief, Great Danes know exactly how big they are. They'll throw their weight around when they need to, but for the most part they are gentle giants. And they don't really eat that much more than smaller dogs, which is also a misconception. 

Protective should be every Dane's middle name. (Molly's is Jo, but you get the idea.) I firmly believe that we will never be burgled because they'll hear her coming and head for the hills. Danes know that they have a home and property to protect, and they do it to the best of their ability.

They may nap frequently throughout the day, but Danes are definitely not lazy. They just conserve their energy for the important things like chasing squirrels, walks in the woods and the occasional zoomie.

Danes are incredibly inquisitive. If there's something new and exciting to smell when you come home, you won't get past the front door. A little patience is all that's needed while she smells her fill and gives you permission to pass.

And most importantly, Danes are loyal to a fault. With those giant hearts, all they really want is to be close and let you know they're always there for you. That's the best part of that Great Dane personality.


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