Passing On Our Sunday School Room

In March 2018, almost a year ago today, we turned our Junior Sunday School classroom from an ugly, beige, flood-damaged cement room into a fun place to learn and study God’s Word. It was a project of love, for sure, and we have 50 weeks of great Sunday School memories in this room.

But this weekend we were able to trade rooms with the tiny people’s Sunday school class - the 3-year-olds up through third grade. It was sad to say goodbye to the room, but there are so many younger kids in our church that they were literally overflowing out of their old room. It was such a joy to move their furniture over and see how much it belonged in there. Everything is miniature and absolutely adorable.

And now we have the opportunity to update another room on the Sunday school floor. We've already chosen the theme - something totally different than this one - and we're excited to get started. There are about 27 different ideas floating around between the two of us, and the tiny room isn't big enough for all them! I can't wait to share it with you when we're done.


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