You Too Can Make Tons Of Tiny Valentines

Don't you dare go to the store and spend money on Valentines. Just stop. Right now. Grab a few of your paper craft supplies and make something special, handmade and totally you. 

The best part of making your own cards is you can use up the extra, spare, overstock and leftover bits and pieces you have saved up. Remember when you said you'd keep that because you might need it some day? Well, today is that day. Yay!

Make your cards tiny, using the card stock you cut down for another project. Make them with some paper that just doesn't go with anything else. Use up part of your sticker collection. Part with some tiny die cuts. Be ruthless and make someone else happy at the same time. Add you personal, hand-written message inside and you're sure to make someone's day so much brighter.


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