How Do Your Succulents Grow?

My collection of hen and chicks succulents is very special to me. They were a gift from someone thinning out their garden, and I’ve doted on them ever since.

I’ve tried decorating with them and had them in several locations over the years, but they don’t grow outdoors nearly as well as they do in the dining room sunshine.

When I needed something to put in our picket fence planters at our craft shows last year, I immediately thought of these succulents. People loved the size and how easy they are to maintain. I was happy to share some of the larger hens with them, knowing they would produce some great chicks for them.

During the winter months I’ve been thrilled to see the hens grow up and out. When they were outside, I felt like their growth was really stunted. It’s fun to see the pink under their top layers of leaves, something I could never see when they were in the corner garden. The chicks are also taking off, and they’ll have to be trimmed so they can be replanted. I always love starting new succulents because it means that they’ve grown up big and strong. At least I don’t have to send them off to college.

Do you have succulents in your own garden or container? What are your favorites and how do you plant them to show off their beauty?


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