5 Things To Remember When Taking Winter Photographs

If you know anything about Iowa weather, you know that this winter has been especially brutal. While we’ve been spoiled over the past few years, the cold settled in for several months and hammered away. It was a good time to hibernate, for sure.

The truth is, it’s probably not over yet. Our region’s forecast is notoriously cold in February and March, and we’ve even been known to have snow in April. But I’m sure you don’t need that reminder.

One of the blessings of the season, though, is the stunning winter photography that results from an arctic blast. I work in a building with walls of windows, many of which I can see from my office. I enjoy a sunny day like everyone else, but there’s something about freshly fallen snow that makes me inordinately happy.

So how can you make your winter photos shine during the next bout of winter weather? Start here:

* Know when the next snowfall will arrive and be ready. Have your camera cleaned and handy, and have extra batteries on hand as they will lose their charge in the cold.

* A slow shutter speed will help you capture snow falling in mid-air.

* Using a tripod will keeep your camera steady and eliminate some of the blur.

* Experiment with your camera’s white balance settings, which are dramatically affected when everything in your photo is white.

* Use colors and textures to offset the monotony of white. A green bridge or a metal bench will really stand out against the white snow.

What are your go-to winter photo tips? Do you have favorite snowfall pictures that make the season almost bearable? Share them in the comments below.


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