Sunday Sketches

Here’s one last look at Valentine’s Day before we work our way into spring. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I made this card, but I love its simplicity and its general cute factor.

I hand-stamped the background paper, the large heart and the kitty image, then colored all of them with colored pencil. Then I wrapped the corners with what is possibly my favorite fiber of all time. It’s the tiniest of cotton balls on white thread. Adorable!
So for your sketch today, you can use decorator paper matted on top of card stock, or you can use only decorator paper the way I did. Stamp it yourself or find a beautiful pattern that you’re absolutely in love with.

You’ll need two images and a sentiment. Coordinate their colors and themes, and layer them in the middle of the card. My sentiment was already in the large image, so that’s a couple of bonus points for me.

Then choose a fun fiber for the corner wraps. Secure them to the back of the decorator paper before you adhere the paper to your card stock card base.

When your card is done, I’d love to see it! Share a picture in the comments below and let me know how much you loved this sketch.


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