My Husband, The Bullrider

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since the Bullriders of America Finals competition. It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year, and we had so much fun this year. We volunteered to help with the kids’ activities Friday night, which meant Danny got to help run the bucking bull ride. Talk about a workout!

As always, the cowboy breakfast was amazing. Chef Bob Newell at Bridge View Center creates the most wonderful menus and amazing dishes. New this year was Breakfast with the Bulls. Tables right next to the arena gave us an up close and personal view. Luckily all the dirt he threw over the fence went into the stands and not onto our plates.

From the first year the BOA held their finals in Ottumwa, the cowboys have always been so gracious to their fans. They take time during their competition days to say hello, answers everyone's questions and be available for media, photos and autographs. That means a lot, knowing the pressure they're under to compete each night.

The absolute highlight of the weekend, though, was Danny's celebrity bull ride Saturday night. He may have been nervous, but it definitely didn't show. Our teens had pictures of it on social media almost immediately, and they poured out the love. He's ready to do it again next year, and he's hoping to beat his time. So when you see him next, call him Cowboy and ask him if he's getting his practice rides in.


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