My New Walking Routine

I am blessed beyond measure to have this wall of windows outside my office at Bridge View Center. It looks out over the Des Moines River, and we have eagles who fish there every day. We’ve named them Vegas and Victoria, in case you want to call them by name.

The main reason I’m showing you this picture, though, is to highlight my new walking routine. One loop around the lobby is 1/4 mile, so my starting goal is two laps in the morning and two laps in the afternoon, for a total of a mile.

I can’t believe the difference this (relatively) short distance has had on me. Physically, I already have more energy in the evening. Mentally, I fell like I can focus better on my work. Emotionally, my mood is better later in the day than usual. I can also get a few emails and a blog or two read.

Please pray with me that I’ll be able to keep this routine going and that I’ll be able to increase my distance each week. This is totally doable, and I want to take advantage of the space available.

So if you call me at work and I don’t answer, assume I’m out walking by the windows.


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