How To Design A Great Winter Card

It’s stupid cold in Iowa today. There should be a point where cold is just cold, and I think we’re there. We’re so obsessed with the frigid weather that it’s spilling over in my papercrafting. I pulled out these great cards today so I could sent warm winter wishes to some friends.

What are the best ways to create a beautiful winter card? Start here:

* Mix textures, like sheeer ribbon and gemstones with torn paper and punched shapes.
* Snowflakes are a classic, but update them with some sparkles.
* Several shades of blue on the same card will simply capture the feel of winter.
* A subtle snowflake-patterned paper can be used as a sentiment and embellishments.
* Find creative ways to use papers that aren’t obviously winter in fun, new ways.
* Any sentiment or Scripture can be paired with the winter theme by using cool blues and purples for the text.

Do you have favorite techniques for your winter paper crafts? What would you add to this list?


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