Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement From Dollar Store Supplies

If you were to do a thorough investigation of our downstairs hall closet, you would be amazed at the bags of flowers, tablecloths, garland, die cut images and other miscellaneous bits you'd find there. Most of the collections are from church bulletin boards in years past, but they're useful for those days I get the whim to make a centerpiece like this one.

From two such bags I cabbaged a few stems of valentine-looking flowers, a bag full of heart picks and a block of floral foam. We have a boatload of tissue paper, and I reuse the votive holders and wood tray for so many different projects.

I started by cutting three blocks of floral foam just smaller than the votive holders. Then I wrapped them in tissue paper so the green wouldn't show.

The three largest flowers became the foundation for the arrangement. I had to trim the stems fairly short since the votives are so shallow.

Then I spaced the flowers evenly throughout the remaining space and tucked the hearts into he open spaces.

Finally, to cover the glass and the tissue paper, I wound a long length of heart garland between them and over them. A little bit of fluffing and all you can see is pink and red and sparkles - just the way I like it! What's in your collections that you could use to make a Valentine's Day centerpiece?


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