Sunday Sketch

While this is a very simple layout today, you'll have so much fun creating your card that it won't matter.

All you need this week are a few scraps of various colored card stock and a piece of decorator paper.

Mat two colors for your background, putting the brightest color on top. Use the other colors to mat a phrase that is at least three lines deep.

Then you'll tilt your decorator paper so that it's slightly askew and hanging off the edges of the card itself.

For my card, I chose a back-to-school theme because it's almost that time. (Whether you like it or not.) I used two of the colors from the decorator paper to use as the colors for my background mats.

The background paper is trimmed down to almost a square and turned so it overlaps the edges. If it didn't already have a green border around it, I would have added one myself to separate it from the green in the background.

I printed out my three words since I didn't have exactly what I wanted, and then I matted each one of a different scrap of colored card stock.

To make it a little more interesting, I added tiny gems to the different alphabet cards.

For more great inspiration, come visit my Etsy shop. You'll find hundreds of cards for ideas or to purchase, along with handmade journals, albums and other paper crafts.


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