A Weekend Of Sticking

When I found this fruit infuser tumbler at the dollar store, I was so excited. I've wanted to try this popular trend for a while, but just couldn't bring myself to pay so much money for a glass. So when there was one for $1, and in purple, I couldn't resist.

I went to take the manufacturer's sticker off the side, though, and it was tough going. It was incredibly sticky, and attempts to remove it in one fell swoop were futile. It ripped into many pieces and left a nasty residue where it had been.

Even washing it and using a variety of cleaners didn't help. One sponge I used did the opposite of help - it scratched the plastic, which you can see on the right side of this picture. I'm still using it because it works great, but there is still sticky on the side of the glass.

I have stuck unto thy testimonies: O LORD, put me not to shame. Psalm 119:31

Make this a weekend of sticking. Don't get stuck to the side of your glass, but stick so close to God and His Word that you would leave a sticky trail behind you if you were peeled off. Stick yourself to His grace, His peace and His joy with the strongest adhesive your heart has to offer and then stay there. Be sticky - but in a good way.

There are many things that will try to unstick you from the presence of the Lord: troubling times, upsetting circumstances, obstinate people. This is when you double up on faith, put your trust in God and stick as close as you can so you won't get scraped off by the world around you. Be so stuck to Him that you become part of Him, because that's the perfect place to be unremovable.


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