A Ready-For-Fall Accordion Album

The cooler temperatures in the morning and evening are a sure sign that fall is on its way. It's my favorite time of the year, and there's nothing like an autumn-themed project to get you ready for the change of seasons. 

This adorable accordion album is so easy to make and will make a great gift - if you can part with it yourself!

You'll need cardboard, card stock, patterned decorator paper, ribbon or thread and some strong adhesive.

Cut two pieces of cardboard however large you'd like the album to be. Mine are just over 5 inches square.

Cover all four sides with card stock and ink-distress the edges.

Add the tie closure by adhering your ribbon to what will be the back of the album.

Then cover the two outer sides with patterned paper, effectively covering the ribbon and holding it in place.

Cut strips of card stock that can be matted inside the card stock of the inside covers. They'll be as high as the paper you used on the outside covers and as wide as two of them. Cut four strips and fold each one in half, making eight pages.

Connect the v-shaped card stock strips, alternating directions, so they form an accordion. Adhere them together.

And then adhere the two ends to the inside covers.

Once you've decorated the cover, you can tie it all up for a pretty gift. Give it empty like this as a DIY project or fill it with photos, quotes, verses and anything else you can think of.


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