Cleaning Your Stove Vents The Easy Way

A burnt-out lightbulb over my stove led me to a startling discovery - the caked-on, greasy vent that was making my kitchen smell nasty when the vent was turned on. Once I knew what the problem was, cleaning it couldn't have been more simple.

If your vents look like mine (you can go look now if you'd like), boil water in the largest pot you can find and add enough baking soda to make it all fizzy.

Soak each vent in the baking soda water for a couple of minutes and the grease will just float off. The difference truly made me sick to my stomach.

Repeat with both ends of each vent, rinse them off with water and let them dry. Not only do they look immensely better, you'll lose that hole-in-the-wall restaurant smell that you probably didn't even notice anymore. Your nose, and the meals you cook on your stovetop now, will thank you.


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