Faux Tile Backgrounds For Handmade Cards

Why have a boring background for your handmade card when you can make a faux tile look on any patterned paper in just a few minutes?

Depending on the pattern of your paper and how strong you make your "tile grout," it can be a subtle look or a very dramatic one.

Start with an embossing mat, metal ruler, embossing stylus and your chosen paper. If you don't have an embossing mat, you can easily make light pencil marks on the edges of your paper and erase them when you're done.

Flip your ruler over and use the flat side to line up equal measurements across your paper. Use the largest embossing tool you have to make bold lines, or the smallest to make subtle ones.

Too subtle? There's an easy way to make them stand out more.

 Dab a small amount of chalk in each intersection of lines, then smooth it out and blow off any excess. 

 This will give some dimension to your new tile pattern and make the lines pop off the page.

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